Cairenes find their health threatened by dangerously high noise levels.  Jon Jensen heads to Tahrir Square – one of the loudest places on earth – to see how bad it’s gotten. Originally published by Time Magazine on July 5, 2008.


  • Look at you all big time with the Time magazine vid! Thats crazy how they broadcast that prayer across the loudspeakers 5 times a day all across town.

  • Dear whomever,
    I’m writing out of a bit of desperation as I myself am moving to Cairo next month and am trying to find a place to live in Zamalek or Garden City. Perhaps you’ve got leads or ins or at least a little advice! If so, please contact me. If my email doesn’t show up, please leave a comment on my blog:

  • Dear Carl, Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately, we here at “The Camera and I” are not in the business of leasing villas and/or flats or arranging official welcoming parties to Cairo (as much as we’re glad you are coming). Despite that fact, we can however recommend that you Google the words “Cairo Scholars” and try to set yourself up on that listserve. That’s your best bet. As always, good luck.

  • Congratulations. I love the view of Cairo at the beginning- wish I could just sit and watch it all day..

  • JJ, Congrats on the story in Time. I seem to remember an attempted phone call with you last year when I could barely hear anything you said due to all the noise at the street cafe. Glad to see your life experiences are being recognized in the press. Keep it coming!

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